Unimont Imperia – Khopoli

Unimont Imperia

Living lavishly has always been everyone’s dream but not all get to live it. Only those who work hard and consistently, get to enjoy a better life. And when you get to tick off that milestone from your list, why settle for something less? After all, a house is a reflection of your success. 

About the Property

Located in Khopoli, Unimont Imperia is a lavish tower and is known to be the tallest tower in its vicinity. It has a whole lot of conveniences that come with it and it is brilliantly connected to the city. This way, you never miss a beat when it comes to the happenings of the city. 

Unimont Imperia offers you a melange of closeness to nature and city life both. It is where every day feels like a weekend getaway. 

What does Unimont Imperia offer?

Studded with a huge list of amenities, Unimont Imperia has a lot to offer. Here’s what you must know:

  • Yoga room for fitness lovers
  • Mini theatre for movie aficionados
  • Library for book lovers
  • Swimming pool
  • Sun deck
  • Gazebo
  • Clubhouse for amazing party plans
  • Meditation hall to be one with yourself

And many more

Rooms Area Price
1BHK 29.36 sq mt ₹24.5L
1BHK 31.54 sq mt ₹25L
2BHK 35.40 sq mt ₹38.5L


In conclusion

Living your best life becomes possible when you have the best house to pair it up with. A good house, studded with all amenities offers a higher standard of living that makes every day better. 

A better life awaits you at Unimont Imperia, where are you?

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