Haryana Housing Board Scheme

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Haryana, being a popular state in India, has a lot of business opportunities springing up there from time to time. That being said, it encourages a massive inflow of people which makes residence provisions for everyone a difficult matter.
In an attempt to find solutions to these problems, the Haryana state government introduced the Haryana Housing Board scheme which aims to provide housing solutions to people who find it particularly difficult to find a roof over their head.

Objectives of the Haryana Housing Board
Offering housing – which is one of the basic human needs – is the ultimate goal of the Haryana housing board scheme. Through this scheme, the government aims to provide better living conditions to those who have been struggling below the poverty line.
With appropriate housing solutions, those below the poverty line now get a platform to elevate their living and get a shot to a better life.

What it offers?
The benefits under the Haryana Housing Board scheme are:
Subsidised loans
Spacious houses
Reasonable rates
Houses that are basic-amenity studded
There are various banks tied up in Haryana to this scheme that make housing a reality for many.

Parting thoughts
The Haryana Housing scheme attracted a massive applicant inflow, out of which over 7000 applicants now enjoy the privilege of a roof over their heads. With houses ranging between ₹4.5 lakhs and ₹7 lakhs depending on the sites and locations, eligible people finally get to have a permanent address to show against their name.

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