Golden Jubilee Rural Housing Finance Scheme

Golden Jubilee Rural Housing Finance Scheme

The rural population often suffers from the lack of the most basic needs essential for a dignified living: Food, clothing, and shelter. And while clothing is taken care of by society and food by the government, housing seemed to be a recurrent issue. After all, in a population as big as ours, offering everyone a safe space to call their “home” would turn out to be a tenacious affair. 

The Origin of the Golden Jubilee Rural Housing Finance scheme

The biggest roadblock one faces while even thinking of purchasing a property usually happens to be, “where will I get that amount of money from?” Money ends up becoming the biggest hurdle between you and your dreams of owning a home. And the case proves to be manifolds harder for those living in rural areas with no proper or consistent source of income. 

To provide aid to those living in ill-made or kutcha houses the Government initiated the Golden Jubilee Rural Housing Finance Scheme. 

The objective of this scheme: 

The primary objective of the scheme is to first address the issue of rural housing and provide credit which would enable individuals to build houses for themselves in rural areas. The rural area, as per the scheme, could be an area in a village or an area comprising a town, where the population does not exceed 50,000. 

Scheme grants would be implemented through two main channels: Commercial banks and institutions like the ARDBs, or the ACHFs or even the RRBs. 

Parting thoughts

Rural housing, for those still finding it difficult to even make ends meet, is now a possibility, thanks to the planning and implementation of the scheme.

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