About Us

At Ilaakainfo.com, we look at property as prospective homes. We look beyond just the walls, the square footage and parking space. We understand that homes are more than just all of that. It is where the walls echo laughter, the flooring contains innocent scribbles and everything that adds to a better quality of life. Somewhere you get to let your hair loose and sigh in peace. 

The path to that perfect house may be tedious; even troublesome. Hence, we take it on us to make the journey to your home an unforgettable one. To make that happen, we team up with our customers and bring to them the finest and the widest range of property offers that fits each one’s lifestyle and budget window. 

At Ilaakainfo.com, we bring you closer to your dreams; your ilaaka. 

Our Mission

We strive to offer a personalised experience to our customers and help them find the most perfect combination of amenities that elevate their lifestyle. We collate information on a nation-wide scale and our unfailing radars deliver only the best, every time. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a part of your journey by offering you dependable information that you can count on. We offer information with full honest and utmost accuracy so that your life’s greatest decision is information-backed and you remain unfazed throughout the process. That’s the power of information and that is the power we bring to you.